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Maybe your personality type is called


You have too much interest in things to stick to one.
You start and stop a lot of different things.
You start a business and then lose interest.
Whatever you do, you do it with a lot of passion.
It just doesn’t last that long.
Once you defined all the issues, and found their solutions, you jump to something else.
The “Scanner” have the utmost fear of failing, in everything.
You often have several business ideas.
Even in one day.
You may find yourself surrounded by unfinished projects.
Being a “Scanner” usually results in a feeling of failure because many things start and stop.

The general consensus is:“Finish what you start!”

If that sounds like you …
You are an idea machine.

Survival guide

The Explorer’s Guide, “Scanners” in English,
multipotentials, Renaissance spirits and other trades

This site is aimed at people with multiple passions and interests who fail, often despite considerable efforts, to be satisfied with a single job, a single area of activity. Barbara Sher called them scanners, translated here in French by “explorers” (we also find them also called multi-potentials, Renaissance spirits or scholars).

Are you an explorer?