Kalendar -- BU

Jean Luc 1953

Jean Luc, 1953 (6 months)

Wittenauer, Dad, Carolene, Jean Luc, Josephine
Home, 1971, Hecker,IL

AirportSaint Louis, August  1972
Ed, Kate, Jean Luc,Josephine and Walter

Igor, 1 year, 1987
Jean Luc, Februar1972, costume made by Josephine....
Pap, 1960
Last pix,@ the airport, 1972
Xmas party,in the '90 @ Sophie Father' house

1976-78, when I was manager of the restaurant of the sports club, in which I rowed from 1963 to 1971.
My... puppy, Bricho, a fantastic Bouvier des Flandres.
At 6 months, I started his education. A few years later, this education saved his life. Running after a female ...
he crossed the street.
I screamed once "SIT" ... he braked and sat down,
just in front of the front wheel of a truck.
Otherwise, it would have been crushed

1986, France, Dannemarie, helping to save a dog.
From  1985 to 1990, I have created my start-up.
(Still working... changed only name from  time to time)
funcKesten Junior
I wrote during 2 years, a Veterinarian package.
I sold it 14 times to the largest clinics in France.
I was sleeping in the clinics, not in a cage...
I developed in the clinics, and made every month,
a trip 2000 miles around France.
One night, one night, the veterinarian needed help, for a dog.
Stomach twist. 50% chance.
He asked me, he survived...first selfie... with camera...

The arrival of Julio Cesar for one month vacation,
Germany prohibits children over the age of 16 for family reunion.
Ricelys has 2 children, Julio Cesar (age 16, September 2006 )
and Carlos (age 12).
May 2006, Deutsche Bank called me for a project in Frankfurt.
I arrived in July 2006 in Germany, coming from Dom Rep.
Ricelys arrived in December 2006 with Carlos.
It took 2 years to find a solution to bring Julio Cesar over.
From friends, we learned that it was possible in Spain.
The same day of Julio Cesar' arrival, two hours later.
We left @ 8 PM Germany and fled to Barcelona.
There, in 3 weeks, reunion papers were done.
It will take 7 more years,
that Ricelys acquires Spanish nationality.
We stayed until 2010 in Barcelona.
In August 2010, I died in Brussels...
But that's another story

have a nice day

Mombasa, Kenia, 1975
ASUB. Belgian rugby team, 5 games tournament.
Where am I?
My brother Georges,is sitting the first row,in the center.

Around 1995, I "invented" a puzzlo, it is an unlimited puzzle.
technics - postcard

Made out of postcards.
Here, a 5 vertical cards, put together.
Grand Place of Brussels

Nature, very young, I was attracted by biology.
My mother loved Gingko biloba.
As boy scout I met the clematis, which was passing the whole winter,expecting spring.
Then would... migrate Verlegen
Very rare, after 3 years I could make some seeds of
and finally inDomRep, I had a fantastic garden
I drank a coconut a day, eat papayas.
I found a very rare palm.
I found only one growing plant.
at his feet. in the middle of thousands of fruits.
Today, I have thousands of seeds (organic).
Every time I eat something, I harvest the seeds.
I tested them, to be sure.
One day...I will have Urban Farm...
born June 20, 1919,in Furth,
Oma on the right, from Wuppertal,
Opa, Bavarian, musician in the army
85 years later, in Brussels (left...)
Mam, with Sydney(89), Georges and Igor(86),
Ricelys, Mam and Lourdes (Ricelys'sister)
I have to thank everything I am to my mam
Since Januari 1979, I was manager of that restaurant
at the seaside in Niewpoort.
The first WE, I had... four customer.
It was a Yacht Club.
Members and guests had to register before 11am
to be able to eat at 13:00.
@ 11, I took my car, went to buy foodneeded,
came back, and started to cook.
The people, waited @ a serving hatch... to take the food...
looking thru it how I was working.... I hated that.
So, I said to the committee and the President:
I suppress the reservation, I prepare 10 to 40 menus,
and the possibility to eat spaghettis, steack, etc...
AND... I serve at the table...
He said : that will cost more, I said no.
So, I opened the wall and put a
After a few months, I copy the idea of a restaurant to cook steaks.
Fire on the side, and move the necessary embers below the grid.
from 4 clients, I went to 160 on Saturday night.
In September 1980, I bought a Radio Shak TRS80
I started to program... in my kitchen...
In november, I followed a 3 weeks programming class,
and a 3 week analysis.
1st of Februari 1981, I was hired as a programmer.
After a few weeks, I was engaged in a start-up,
thanks to my knowledge of Dutch, accounting and management.
Mid 1983, went to another Start-up, for 6 months.
Then 18 months in a big retail computer company.
I decided to create my own in 1985 and sell their computers.
Having Bricho (my dog), I decided to develop a management
app for veterinarian clinics.
Based on a database from California.
So, I went for 6 months in that company.
I was lucky to meet and work with Barry S. Weingart, manager of Alpha-Base/Metropolis in Hollywood.
I met there a kid, 16 years, driving a mustang, visiting Barry every friday, with a 10.000 $ machine under his arm.
He told me 2 things :
computer memory will increase dramaticcally...
and price drop down, so when you write programs...
don't worry about space.
in 2000, I never had problems with Y2K bug, and with the €, neither.
I sold my package 14 times, in France, to the largest clinics.
Till 89.
With that tremendous experience, until 2004, I managed about 25 projects.
Extract of my CV :

As a Business tester, Jean Luc Funck participated in projects of Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Building, on many different platforms.
At ATOS Worldline (Belgium), Jean Luc defined for the Visa/BC payment interface, the testing strategy for the corrective maintenance, the new rules and organized the roll-out with different teams.
For Hays, he installed and tested a specialized Insurance package.
As CEO of SIV, he developed a complete Veterinarian package and sold it to the 14 largest clinics in France.
For INGba (Netherlands), he worked on 5 different projects spread over 15 years, mainly Life insurance (business analysis, database design, manual testing, automated testing, and legacy documentation).
As a Senior Project manager, Jean Luc Funck was able to lead multiple in and off-shore teams with a multi-cultural environment, in terms of quality, timing, results-oriented, risk management.
At Deutsche Bank (Germany), he introduced an automated information system, which replaced the manual correspondence.
In Belgium, Migration manager (15 people) at Belgacom, we converted the DB2 files to Oracle: tariff, customer and invoices. We wrote the migration and quality assurance programs (4.800 m/d).

Based on his international contacts - in the past few years he lived and worked in ten different countries - Jean Luc is fluent in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan.

To address these various tasks, he uses his quick wit and also different training and seminars he followed.

In 2004, I decided to take 2 years to write a new program.
Free online quotation system for building renovation.
It worked, but I was called in July 2006 by the Deutsche Bank.
So, I moved to Frankfurt... that is another story...

In the '70 my Grand-ma
used to come 4 times a year, for two months.
She lived in Konradshöhe, Berlin, in the french sector.
@ 5 I stayed 6 months with her and was lucky to learn german.
When staying with us, we helped her to do the dishes,
but also to peel the vegetable,
to make pastries and learn about cooking.

End of 76, I took over a rowing club' restaurant.
I learned to cook for up to 40 people,
mainly simmering dishes, fried steaks, spaghetti, etc.

Then begin '79, a bigger club at
the North coast. Up to 160.

Then from'91 to '93, the Club Sandwich.
Specialised in sandwiches made of french bread, tomato, egg, salad.
with fillings: all kinds of meats, cheeses, mayonnaise and fish, chicken, etc.
with a daily growth of 87 people to 450, a budget of 1 € 25 to 3 €.
After this 3rd restaurant I went back to IT.

But I'm still buying and cooking... as if we were 50.

Bon appetit,

my favorite dishes:
Osso Bucco, Tartiflette, Tandoori chicken
Navarin, Chili con carne, Gratins, Hachis Parmentier
Curry dishes, Peanut butter meat, Rices, Bread
Coco milk dishes, Couscous,
Carbonnade flamande, Quiche,

my favorite rice

Curiosity, creativity
quality or defect?
everything I see, taste, touch, vibrates in my head
connects to other ideas, without own will
cling often, but also creates new relationships.
when I knew that sending a postcard to Illinois by plane,
took more then17 days
the idea of sending the letter and postcard by email
to a friend, he would then print both and post it...
My kids were playing, I trying to rest
on the floor in the sitting room
Igor with Flippo,
Sydney with puzzle
I mixed, and the puZzlo was born
I have 40 other projects ongoing....
But need somebody to kick in my,...
have a nice day...
Born in 1952 in Schaerbeek, Brussels Belgium
We moved in 1954 to a bigger apartment.
In 1960, to Markelbach, a house of three floors,
an attic and cellars.
After the death of my father,1969,
my mother and Georges bought this house.
from 1971 to 1972, Hecker IL.
In 1977, I lived in the club, Brussels, then Nieuwpoort.
Back to Brussels, in 1981, Sophie and I bought a House in Uccle.
around 25.000 €, we made for 80.000 € renovations,
and sold it for 140.000
We bought, about an acre to build a house...
which never happend, we separated
I lived LAT with Dominique..
in 1996 I bought a square farmhouse of the Brabant
The same story, I bought it 125.000, made 150.000 renovation
Sold it, made 35.000 win.
Went to the Dominican Republic, in November 2004.
I wanted to develop a webpage.
I found the
I got married
I learned spanish, found a job @ the University ITLA.
in June 2006 Deutsche Bank(Frankfurt)
called me back to Europe.
We lived in Zeppelinheim..
I worked in Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
Then to give papers to Ricelys, Julio and Carlos
we moved to Barcelona for 4 years.
I learned Catalan and worked in Barcelona,and Brussels.
In August 2011, I was attacked by a Bacteria.
In September, I was open heart operated,
I stayed 51 days, 6 pounds of antibiotics later
it took me 6 months to walk again.
We went to Germany, where Ricelys found a job.
Since 2012, in Wiesbaden, and PM in Dijon in 2017
some dreams...
greenhouse, seeds, medicinal plants
3 years ago, in the Dom Rep, one week before leaving,
I heard about Soursop
It is a plant/fruit/leaves that helps
patients who consume them, to be better defended against cancer.
I know personnaly 3 persons.I
I searched for hours/days,I created documents, business plan.
After 3 years, the fruit ripens in a week, and rots 7 days later,
but, in 18 months it produces 200 leaves
(see below)
In Europe, the fruits costs 60€/kg
A cure of one month of leaves, 30 €,
butfor dominicans, I would do it costprice
with the rotation, 1200 m² is enough
by sowing weekly 150 seeds
the day before I left, here are my prototypes
It never went farther...
I have to live there, to manage them
It should look like this after one year
I also harvest the seeds of all the vegetables
and organic fruits that I eat.
Almost 15,000 today.

coming soon

Don Giorgio
sauerkraut, accident or murder weapon
a game of which you are the hero

visit Don-Giorgio

lost in catacombs

Ricelys´ choice
life and struggle,
choose between following her husband in Europe,
and abandoning her children in Rep Dom